Some things about Tedy Afro


THEODROS KASSAHUN (TEDDY AFRO)                                                                  Nominated by Samrawit Alemu
Teddy Afro is the new voice of contemporary Ethiopian music. He achieved a cult following at a time when competition in the Ethiopian pop music industry is at its highest. His dramatic success is attributable to his skilful ability to win the hearts and minds of the youth through his youthful style of singing. Many say that his popularity is also a result of his apparent passion for Ethiopia. His songs about Ethiopia have been able to reinvigorate Ethiopians' love and admiration towards their country and have caused an upsurge of patriotism particularly among the youth. He also sang about the outstanding achievements of Ethiopia's finest and greatest athlete - Haile Gebreselassie - and the new athletics hero - Kenenissa Bekele. In this particular song, the two national heroes have been hailed and praised for they have done the unthinkable. And everyone in Ethiopia has been singing about Haile and Kenenissa and that would have never happened if it wasn't for Teddy's creativity.

If music is about getting important messages across in a sentimental and rhythmic fashion to the delight of the intended audience, Tedy's songs are qualified examples of such distinction. And the fact that he is possibly the youngest-ever Ethiopian pop-star to have achieved such a far-reaching recognition, there remains growing anticipation among Ethiopians for even more of Teddy. 

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