All about Tedy Afro

Teddy Afro appeared in Court, Crowd, Chaos Mare Top Singer's Court Hearing

April 22, 2008 (ADDIS ABABA) — Top singer Tewodros Kassahun, better known as Tedi Afro, who appeared at the High Court on Monday was ordered to stay at Kaliti prison for two more nights until Wednesday, owing to what the court said was "inappropriate act" on the part of his fans who made it to the court to witness the trial.

The court said it was impossible to proceed with the hearing with shouting protesters around, prompting it to adjourn the artist's trial.

In accordance to the decision last Thursday, Tedi appeared in court on Monday for a bail hearing procedure.

But in the presence of hundred's of the artist's fans the court on Monday didn't rule whether or not the artist deserved the right for release on bail.

Tedi was arrested on Thursday in a two-year pending, controversial car accident in which he was alleged to kill a pedestrian.

He denies all that, saying he neither was around the place of accident at that point in time, nor had he any kind of accident, as described by his accusers.

The court is expected to pass verdict in what the police said was to be a closed door hearing, apparently to avoid any clashes with security.

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