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The Teddy Afro Injustice

The regime in Ethiopia has imprisoned the renowned artist Tewodros Kasahun (aka Teddy Afro) on the pretext of a traffic accident that is supposed to have happened some 2 years ago. The vindictive regime had filed a pile of charges against the artist over a year ago that include causing a fatal accident on a pedestrian, driving without a license and for not assisting the victim at the seen of the accident.
When journalists asked Teddy Afro about the case he had confirmed that he was not at the place at the time when the accident was supposed to have been committed. He had also emphatically stated that he would have not abandoned such a victim if he were involved in such an accident. He had protested that such unsubstantiated charges and labeling of crime against his person and is a travesty against his person and integrity.
The innocent Teddy Afro have even traveled outside Ethiopia to perform in various cities around the world while he was on bail, but always returned back to his homeland, knowing in his heart that he was innocent of these allegations.
We are lead to believe that the regime has used this fabrication to silence the singer from promoting human rights, Ethiopian nationalism, campaigning for peace and taking a strong stand on poverty and castigating inactions on the successive disasters caused by famine in Ethiopia.
The regime has an established track record in persecuting the youth and hitting out against Ethiopian nationalism. The measures taken by the regime are continuations of its policy of persecution of the youth for resisting its undemocratic policies and its persistence in weakening the Ethiopian state to sustain and perpetuate its grip on power.
The problems that the regime has against the artist are his boundless capacity to create popular lyrics for his songs that are pro-democracy and peace, also advocate against oppression and persecution. He has produced albums like YASTESERYAL, on the political tension in Ethiopia witch were used as an anthem by the opposition around the general election of 2005 that ended in the killing hundreds of citizens; also album like ABOGIDA, witch contained music such as, HAILE SELASSIE ‘tribute to the late Emperor’, HAILE GEBRESELASSIE ‘in honor of the Olympic long distance runner’, MONA LISA ‘about human beauty’, etc. This any many other songs have made the artist known in the national and international Ethiopian music seen. His boundless success in attracting an enormous following has scared the regime in Ethiopia, which has now decided to silence him on vindictively fabricated cases. Teddy is an ally for the poor and not a killer of the poor.
We demand the immediate release of Teddy Afro from the dreaded prison of the regime in Ethiopia. We demand the regime to retract its vindictive and fabricated incrimination of Teddy Afro.

FREE Teddy Afro and All Political Prisoners in Ethiopia !!!


The Undersigned

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