Humour: Tedi Melata Accuses Tedi Afro

By Ase Gudegnaw, EthiopiS.com reporter in Addis Ababa, (www.ethiopis.com), Copyright Ethiopis.com , August 2002

Tedi Melata Says Tedi Afro Stole Most of His Songs

A not well-known singer in Addis Ababa who goes by the name of Tedi Melata today called a press conference in Addis Ababa to accuse famous singer Tedi Afro of stealing most of his songs and is demanding that Tedi Afro pay him back a royalty for close to $14,000.00 dollars or he says he will “beDula Arun New Ma’ablaww!!”.

“Tedi Afro came over my house for my birthday and stole all of my song papers from my safe Muday which was sitting in my bedroom. He better return all of my songs or Gud new Mifelaw!!“, said Mr Melata to a group of reporters who attended his press conference at the Addis Hilton. tedy_melata_01.gif
Picture Taken At Teddy Melata’s Birthday Party

“I am Tedi Melata, the original owner of all of Tedi Afro’s songs”, says Tedi Melata.

A lawyer for the well-known singer Tedi Afro who was reached by Ethiopis.com in New York said that this allegation was “a complete fabrication, yeMelata Hilm and of course he will not get a single dime from us!”. Most observers said that Tedi Afro could cut his U.S. tour soon to return to Addis for an appearance at court to defend Tedi Melata’s charges. One long time observer of Ethiopian singers, Mesele Gelaw said, “Melata ena Afro never get along well. This is ugly!!”