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Woyanne court rules against Tedy Afro

July 21st, 2008 | Categories: Ethiopia  |  29 Comments

The kangaroo court in Ethiopia today sent popular singer Tedy Afro back to prison after ignoring the forged hospital record that was produced by the prosecutor.

The original hospital record shows that the victim of the car accident, for which Tedy is charged with hit-and-run and manslaughter, had died one day before on the accident occurred.

Instead of dismissing the case, Judge Leul Gebremariam has decided to accept the prosecutor's version of the document that is signed by a physician who did not even perform the autopsy the accident victim.

Judge Leul Gebremariam ruled that there is enough evidence against Tedy and ordered him to come back to court in October to start defending himself against the charges. Tedy was then hauled back to the filthy, disease-infested jail.

Tedy's lawyer, Ato Million Assefa, continues to poorly represent the singer, causing the client some times to speak up for himself in the court room. Many of Tedy's supporters are puzzled as to why Ato Million, a well-known Woyanne sympathizer, is hired as a defense lawyer. Family members who were asked about the defense lawyer said that he was retained by Teddy eight years ago.

At today's court appearance five women who cried after hearing the judge's decision to send Tedy back to jail were taken to jail by Federal Police.

The court room was full and that many have been turned away.

Judge Luel is one of the three judged who tried Kinijit leaders.

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